Amine Souissi

Amine Souissi

Fès, Fes-Medina, فاس

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About me:

I am an engineer, freshly graduated from the National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (Rabat-Morocco); option: "Innovation & Management", my education as well as my experiences insure my adaptability and my analytical skills which allow me to be versatile, efficient and quickly operational.


I'm specialized in Machine Learning, Deep learning, Data mining, Natural Language Processing and Business intelligence, I have a strong background with python and sql and a few other technologies like Power-Bi, Talend, Entreprise Architect and more ....

I am convinced that I have all the qualities required to evolve in this field. Aware that a letter alone cannot reflect the full extent of my motivation, I would like to talk to you about my skills and abilities, as well as my academic projects.


I have done a 1 month internship manipulating power-bi, and a 2 months Machine Learning, 

The goal here was to secure the use of drugs in hospitals. My work consisted of studying medical data in excel, csv form by comparing them with 4 other ref dictionaries, I clustered the result according to keywords identified and indexed as for exp: Molecules, Substance, Drug name, Sex, Weight, Etc ..., then I added columns to the Data, so I did the clustering by finding similar actions , and finally creating decision rules for pharmacists. Techno : Python - Machine Learning - K-means - NLP 

And finally, I'm currently in charge of a hospital located in Switzerland, I manage a specific part of the pharmaceutical application named 'Pharmaclass', this part is named 'PharmaCollect'. I receive data and I transforms it to a form according to norms and global standards, to then deploy the various components of this part; I manage the Patients, Prescriptions, Medico-biological analyzes, Physiological Constants, and Diagnostics part. Technologies : Python -ML- NLP - SQL - JSON


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