ayoub El hamzaoui

ayoub El hamzaoui

Fès, Fes-Medina, فاس

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About me:

My name is ayoub ELHAMZAOUI ,i’m 24 years old.



i have m a baccalaureate majoring in physical sciences.

and a diploma in specialized technology in maintenance of machines and tools of other automated production machines.


I have an internship in a company that does metal machining 
for 3 months, I had as a mission to ensure the maintenance of the equipment of metal spreadings, and also I prepare the daily reports of the state of the machines and enter the information of the operations carried out.
ansi, I held the position of a maintenance technician within a metal and mechanical manufacturing and distribution company, I had the mission to establish the maintenance plans of the equipment and fair the restoration of working order also written the reports

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