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El Mehdi Essaadi

El Mehdi Essaadi

Frontend Developer | React.js & Next.js Specialist
Casablanca, إقليم الدار البيضاء


حول El Mehdi Essaadi:

Specializing in JavaScript, React.js, and Next.js, I have been instrumental in frontend development and performance optimization in roles at In-House and FtFt. At FtFt, one of my key accomplishments was spearheading the successful frontend development of, achieving a remarkable product launch within my first three weeks.

In addition to my full-time work, I have undertaken diverse freelance projects, primarily focusing on Next/React app development.

Moreover, I have developed multiple side projects, including a captivating Quran player and a helpful Twitter tool.

I'm always open to new opportunities and challenges. Let's connect!


As a React/Next JS Developer, I have gained valuable experience and achieved significant accomplishments in various roles.

At FtFt, where I have been working full-time for the past 7 months and continue to work, I led the
 frontend development of using Next JS, Tailwind, GraphQL, and TypeScript. Within just three weeks of joining, I made substantial contributions to a successful product launch. I optimized website performance, improved SEO, and quickly learned React Native to fix critical bugs in mobile applications. Additionally, I actively fostered a collaborative team environment and provided mentorship.

As a freelance Frontend Developer on Upwork for 5 months, I built React apps, customized Google extensions, and worked on Wix, Ecwid, and Squarespace stores.

During my part-time role at the in-house company, where I worked for 3 months, I translated UI/UX design wireframes into code using Next JS, Styled Components, and Redux. I increased the product site's accessibility by 11% and fixed critical bugs.

These experiences allowed me to hone my frontend development, performance optimization, and mobile application development skills. I quickly adapt to new technologies and actively contribute to team growth. My skill set includes React Native, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, GraphQL, Next.js, React.js, Jira, and styled-components.


I have a High School Diploma, specializing in Physical Sciences

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