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Nizar Fahde

Nizar Fahde

industrial and logistics engineering student
Mohammedia, إقليم المحمدية


حول Nizar Fahde:

I am an industrial and logistics engineering student looking for internships for international students. I consider myself to be a person who can work well under stresses and with a strong sense of teamwork and communication. I am also very interested in self-development so am attempting an internship that will help me grow my creative thinking, management skills, hard skills, and soft skills.


Intenship at IKS ATELIER:

 The first few days of my internship I spent a lot of time learning about stock
management and working with some of the company's employees to do that.1
spent enough time in each department to learn everything about it. I also worked
with other interns to do some statics about the company's machines and we
used some management and maintenance techniques to find solutions so limit
the machines' breakdown. I also worked with another intern to automate a
packaging machine.


industrial engineering and logistics

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