Noussair El m barki kadri

Noussair El m barki kadri

Sale, إقليم سلا

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About me:

I m some one who s ponctual maiture serious flexible professionel team player hard worker motivated and motivating graduated at the international business and management and Has gained a good competencies at the sales and marketing and customers services and team management 


1 Master or BA arts of the gouvernment and international accrediated bac (letterature english modern)+4 from the international américain unicersity business and management international 



9 years international work experience at à multiproduit and missions with à leading companies groups as a floor advisor and manager and officer sales exécutive B2B and B2C 

Back ground at the hospitality f&b and mass média advertizing and retails fashion and real estate and short expérience at the insurance and IT 

Above 3 years at the luxury f&b hôtels started as a no management level arriving to the junior mid management level as a supervisor and above the 6 years at the commercial field sales and marketing 

2 times as a floor manager at the hospitality luxury restaurant and retails fashion as a store and section team leader 



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